Grow Your Practice with NuLawyer

Reach clients anywhere via HD real-time videoconferencing.
Interview associates before you fly them in.
Hold depositions across multiple states in a single day.
Automate your appointments and sync all your calendars in one app.
Promote your expertise and experience online.

How Nulawyer Can Help You

Meeting clients can be difficult, especially when you consider travel and other related costs.
With NuLawyer, you can do all your work without leaving the office.


Meet Clients

Meet clients via HD videoconferencing regardless of where you are. Create a custom profile so that clients can see your credentials and reviews online.

Manage your calendar

Manage your appointments, meetings, and tasks in one dashboard and sync your calendars across all your devices. Download the NuLawyer app and work from your mobile or desktop.

Hold depositions

Examine and record witnesses across state and district boundaries in real-time. Store digital copies of all depositions and interviews for future use.

Consult with partners

Hold partner meetings and consultations away from the office. Hold interdepartmental conferences with remote partners and staff.

Transfer documents

Share files and important documents over a secure network. Prevent digital theft and hacking.

No more missing meetings and chasing clients. NuLawyer has you covered.

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