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NuLawyer is an HD real-time videoconferencing platform made specifically for lawyers. We bring together the latest software and the most advanced productivity tools to create a unique experience for you and your clients.

What are lawyers do

1. Tax Litigation

Navigate complex tax laws, minimize tax burdens, and settle disputes with the IRS.

2. Acquisitions

Iron out mergers, negotiate acquisition agreements, and appraise businesses.

3. Financial Advice

Set up investments, plan an estate, and manage income and property taxes.

4. International Law

Handle immigration procedures, manage overseas businesses, and interpret international laws.

5. Family Law

Mitigate divorce settlement, determine child custody, and plan an adoption.

6. Capital Markets

Manage debt obligations, raise money in financial markets, and set up an IPO.

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The integrated messaging and communication tool offered by NuLawyer is fully compliant with all of the latest security requirements and provides a fast, effective and confidential way to communicate patient information across the EHR networks. Unlike traditional modes of electronic and non-electronic communication, by using the inbuilt communication tools, there is less risk of confidential information being seen by unauthorized personnel. The use of the NuLawyer software can also assist you in reaching Stage 2 of the Meaningful Use program.

NuLawyer takes lawyer-client confidentiality very seriously which is why we have taken every step possible to ensure the security of the system remains tight and that any communication carried out using the system is private and secure. In-built NAT, Firewall and Encrypted protection, along with security PIN access means that only you (the lawyer) and client have access to the video consultation room. Our system runs in accordance with all HTTPS protocol. Contact our Business Help Team for the specifics of the security measures we have in place.

The NuLawyer online booking facility automatically updates your work calendar even when you’re on the go. As it happens in real time, your office staff can see instantly what your availability is, allowing them to reduce the amount of time they spend on checking for appointment slots. The calendar on your phone, computer and on your MedRealtime profile will all be updated at the same time, reducing the number of double-booked appointments. Our system can be synched with whichever calendar system you currently use and notifications of any new appointments can be sent to whoever you decide. The system also allows for you to take payment for an appointment via a multitude of payment options should you wish.

With NuLawyer, you can set up automated reminders to be sent either via email or SMS to your practice staff and the patient which greatly reduces the time you lose because of no-shows. You set the parameters of when and how often reminders are issued and because it is all automated your practice staff don’t need to waste time chasing patients up. NuLawyer has been designed to enhance the administrative function of running a busy medical practice and by improving the efficiency of the booking, reminder and consultation process, it is hoped that you will be able to help more patients.

NuLawyer likes to consider itself as an extended member of your medical practice team which is why we offer first-class support. Our Business Help Team will ensure that you can start to enjoy all of the benefits of using NuLawyer as quickly as possible because we know that a happy doctor is a good doctor. With ever-increasing demands being put on your time, the Business Help Team will make sure that NuLawyer delivers cost and time savings for your practice. With our support, it is our belief, that together we can make a real difference to millions of American lives.